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Student Commitment Expectations for Competitive Sports

Students who do not participate at the same level and frequency in their competitive sports experience negatively impact the team’s performance, morale, and culture.
  • For competitive sports, all students are expected to participate in every practice and be available to participate in every competition.
  • For competitive sports, students who know they have a regular conflict are encouraged to choose between conflicting activities before registering.
  • The Standing Conflict Waiver is available and should be submitted by the student at least two days before the registration deadline if the student knows that they have an existing conflict that will interfere with their ability to participate in practices and/or competitions regularly or for a stretch of time (such as for scheduled summer practices/training). Please see page 2 from the Athletics Terms for Participation for more information.
Students who need flexibility in their availability are encourage to register for developmental/pre-season sports experiences instead of competitive sports experiences. Developmental/Pre-Season sports experiences are designed to help individual student athletes grow at their own pace. By their nature, because they are team sports, competitive sports experiences depend on a consistent participation and reliable level of commitment of all participants. Students who will miss several practices of a developmental/pre-season sports experience do not need to complete the Standing Conflict Waiver. However, students who wish to participate on a competitive sports team and know they will not have the same availability as their teammates are encouraged to submit the Standing Conflict Waiver.
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