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Student Managers

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The following is used to guide the Athletics Department, interested students, their parents/guardians, and the coaches towards a mutually successful experience. Families are encouraged to connect with the Athletics Department for any support needed. ([email protected].)

Interested in Becoming a Student Manager? The student and the parent/guardian should review all of this information first. Then, if still interested, the student should inquire about becoming a Student Manager with the Athletics Department, [email protected].

Overview: At Meridian, the position of student manager is available to students for different reasons, including but not limited to:

  • The coach has requested assistance supporting the team.
  • The student has a professional interest that aligns with the experience of serving as a student manager.
  • The student who might not have been able to participate otherwise as a student athlete can be a member of the team.

Each situation will be reviewed individually so that the best experience can be provided for our students.

Description: The student manager supports the coach and team during practices and competitions while continuing to expand their knowledge of the sport. The student manager is considered a member of the team who will not physically participate in competitions, who may or may not participate physically in practices, and who will be present and helpful from the bench or sidelines during the competitions and also from the field/court during practices.


Benefits: The benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Being included on the team for the experience 
  • Building resume and gaining interviewing experience (for future internships, jobs, college scholarships, coaching positions, and/or work in sports management)
  • Learning from the coach
  • Improving knowledge of the sport
  • Being included in team experiences, including the photo in yearbook and team social functions. Student managers sit on the bench with coaches and teammates who are not actively playing during competitions.
  • Practicing with the team - could include skill-based and building strength, conditioning, endurance, and speed. Will not include strategy, rotation, and game scenarios as this would confuse the team when the student manager is unavailable to play in competitions.
  • Loaned a Meridian Athletics polo to wear to competitions and team photos. When the team wears the team’s jersey to school on competition days, the student manager can wear their Meridian Athletics polo in solidarity with their team.
  • Being eligible to letter if all requirements are met (for student managers of Varsity teams only). 
    • Lettering Participation Requirements for Varsity team student managers are:
      • Promptly attending all practices and exhibitions (unless excused in advance by the coach).
      • Showing a positive attitude toward the sport, their teammates, and opponents.
      • Consistently showing that they are working their hardest and showing outstanding effort.


Duties: Although duties may vary from season-to-season, sport-to-sport, team-to-team, and student manager-to-student manager, the duties for each student manager position must be agreed to by the student, their parents/guardians, the coach, and the Athletics Coordinator before the student begins in the position. Additionally, the student manager’s team must be informed of the role of the student manager for the current season, as the duties might be different from previous seasons’ student managers. The most common duties of a student manager include:

  • Equipment management and sanitizing, including helping to maintain the First Aid kit.
  • Hydration (suspended during COVID-19; everyone must handle their own water bottles)
  • Help running drills, warm-ups, and cool-downs*
  • Time keeping
  • Scorekeeping
  • Stat keeping
  • Capturing video footage for the coaches
  • Capturing photos for the team, Athletics Department, and the yearbook. (Student managers must have their coach’s and the Athletics Coordinator’s permission to have their phone on the sidelines for the purpose of capturing videos for the coach and photos for the team.)

*Student managers can participate in the portions of practice that will not affect team plays. For example, student managers can practice with the team when working on sport-specific skills, strength, conditioning, endurance, and speed. However, student managers cannot participate in the parts of practices that help with strategy, rotation, or game plays, as doing so could throw off the team during competitions, when the student manager will not be participating on the court/field. Student managers must be physically eligible in order to participate in practices, warm-ups, or any physical activity with the team.


Student managers are always a positive presence to the team, providing encouragement and support from the sidelines during competitions. Student managers will not determine line-ups, positions, playing times, provide instruction, or coach the team in any capacity. Student managers will not interact with the officials, the volunteers, or fans during competitions. Student managers must always represent their team and school to the highest standards, on and off the court/field. 


Eligibility: Similar to the other team participants, student student managers have four eligibility components to uphold:

  1. Character Good Standing eligibility: Student managers must have a history of and remain in Good Standing with the school based on their Character and behavior. 
Please see the Parent/Student Handbook for school policies. Students responsible for an offense or offenses that resulted in two or more days of suspension while enrolled at Meridian School could be removed from the sport's roster and could have all Athletics-related privileges revoked, including but not limited to the right to participate in a team's, sport's or Athletic Department's recognition ceremonies, socials and traditions, such as the opportunity to letter. Enforcement will be at the discretion of Meridian Administration who will inform Meridian Athletics of necessary implications. Disciplinary offenses that would result in mandatory removal to an alternative placement under TEC Section 37.006 (in a traditional public school) will automatically result in suspension from all Meridian extracurricular activities for a period ranging from one month to the remainder of the school year.
  1. Financial eligibility: Student managers must be in good financial standing with the school, pay the $35 registration/processing fee, and pay the sport’s participation fee by the due date to remain eligible.
  2. Physical eligibility: Student managers must have a physical form on file with the Athletics Department that covers the sport's season - even if the physical form is not "cleared" by a physician. (Students who are not “cleared” cannot warm-up or practice.)
  3. Academic eligibility: Student managers do not need to maintain academic eligibility to participate in a support capacity in practices and games; however, should the team require early release or an excused absence for a competition. the student manager must be academically eligible to enjoy this same benefit. Additionally, student managers who lose academic eligibility cannot dress out (wear Meridian Athletics polo) to school on competition days or to competitions. Instead, they will need to wear the regular school uniform.



  1. Registration: Like all team members, student managers must complete the registration process by the registration deadline. The $35 registration fee applies. Parents/guardians - when registering your student for Student Manager, you are using the regular registration form that is used for parents/guardians who are registering their student for tryouts (or for participation on the team if tryouts are not necessary). To indicate that your registration is for your child to be considered for a Student Manager, please add the following comment for the question asking for Additional Comments for the Coach: "Please consider my student for a Student Manager position."
  2. Physical Form: A valid physical form must be on file with the Athletics Department by the sport’s physical form deadline. 
  3. Application: The student must submit the student manager application with the approval of their parent/guardian. An application deadline might apply.
  4. Recommendation Letter: The student must submit a letter of recommendation from a Meridian teacher, staff, coach, and/or community leader recommending them for the position of student manager.
  5. Coach approval: As this position is designed to be educational for the student and helpful for the coach and team, the coach must approve the request for a student to serve in the student manager role. This might include an interview with the prospective student manager, the coach, the Athletics Department, and the student’s parents/guardians.

Exceptions to the requirements will be made at the discretion of the Athletics Department. Please contact [email protected] for more information.